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(2005) This site is about Literature and History – of England. well that’s not true…no one is an island… therefore sometimes also of Austria, and France, the USA. Usually modern, this is to say the 20th century. Yet, I once even went back to Sophocles… there is much in between – at the moment I’m stuck in the 17th and 18th century. Don’t like it though…probably come back soon.

(2006) A few month ago I finally came back – and started research for my Dissertation. I intend to write about the influence of the 2nd World War on literature. I’ll thought of focusing or rather comparing my favourite German author Thomas Mann with – since I’m studying English Literature – Virginia Woolf. So far I’m into famous literary theorists such as Luk√°cs, Benjamin and Adorno… Hopefully I come to terms with these abstract concepts quite soon – I actually miss reading for pleasure!

(2007) I arrived at reading for pleasure, finally. Having finished my dissertation and consequently my BA English Literature I moved back to Austria again where I just started to read and enjoy the authors of Vorarlberg (the area where I was born).

On this page you will find an extensive range of academic works (essays, reviews and literary analysis) written during the three years of my studies in England. There is more coming up – keep visiting!